Clean & Green Services

Fee For Service


Members of the Newark Downtown District get to witness the exceptional work of our NDD Ambassadors. They work hard to provide the clean, green, and safe services that directly improve the quality of life for residents, commuters and visitors.

Now you can hire the NDD Ambassadors and receive the same high-quality maintenance and beautification to your property or business.

  • Snow Removal: Pre-treatment and post-event services to remove snow and ice from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots.
  • Power Washing / Graffiti Removal: NDD Ambassadors can brighten and clean your property with power washing and our graffiti removal rehabilitation system.
  • Horticulture and Landscape Maintenance: Green up! Let NDD Ambassadors add and maintain planters and hanging baskets to your property. We offer full-service maintenance to include grass cutting, weeding, and leaf removal.
  • Event Support: NDD Ambassadors can provide cleaning services during and after your event. We also can act as welcome hosts, hospitality and crowd control.
  • Parklets: Let us add to your sidewalk space by installing a parklet. This pedestrian oasis comes with a seating area and decorative planting.
  • Seasonal Outdoor Café-Style Seating Space: Add the amenity of outdoor seating to your space. NDD Ambassadors set up, clean and break down the bistro sets on your site.

For more information about contracting our NDD ambassadors, please contact Thomas Goletz, at