Newark Resources

Community Organizations

This directory of community-based organizations is provided by the NDD as a service to Downtown Newark.
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Economic Development

The Economic Development map is a resource that provides information on redevelopment projects happening in Downtown Newark.
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Real Estate Reports

The Newark Downtown District has provided these reports to share downtown real estate trends, findings, development projects, and comprehensive insights with the district’s community, businesses, and stakeholders.
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Looking for Downtown Data?

The NDD is working in acquiring everyday street data that will help improve livability in the Central Business District. Beginning in 2020, the NDD will make available to the public pedestrian, Quality of Life, real-estate, and downtown tree data.
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Licenses and Permits

How do you apply to the City of Newark?
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City Services

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The goal of the Newark Downtown District (NDD) is to maintain a safe, clean, well-managed downtown so Newark can successfully compete as a choice environment in which to live, learn, labor, and leisure. NDD presents opportunities to help further its mission and benefit our community.
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Inside Newark

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