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NDD Community Plant Donations

NDD Community Plant Donation

May 11, 2024 9AM – 1PM

Newark Symphony Hall – 1030 Broad Street, Newark NJ

Beginning in the spring of 2021, the NDD Horticulture Team devised a program to donate plant material back to the Newark community. Thanks to a partnership between the NDD, Newark Symphony Hall, and the City of Newark, the NDD can distribute plants to Downtown Newark stakeholders and organizations and host seasonal events that are open to the public.

In the end, 100% of the plant material that beautifies city streets are donated back to the community. Moving forward, please be on the lookout for the NDD working with these partner organizations to coordinate more plant donations.


Total Plants Donated to Newark Community

Going Green

At NDD, we’re committed to a more sustainable future. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce we’ve gone green! We’ve transitioned from gas-powered equipment to high-efficiency electric alternatives. This significant change not only conserves fuel but also significantly reduces noise pollution, creating a quieter, greener environment for everyone. Join us in celebrating this step towards a cleaner planet. Together, we’re powering a greener tomorrow.

Street Tree Planting

In the Spring of 2021, the NDD planted 22 new trees in Downtown Newark. The trees were made possible thanks to a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation that was facilitated by the New Jersey Tree Foundation. A diverse selection of urban-tolerant tree species was chosen to enhance biodiversity and create a more sustainable urban tree canopy. The NDD Horticulture Team, New Jersey Tree Foundation, and City of Newark worked together to invite the community to spend a day and assist in planting the trees.

To learn more about this initiative: Click here


Part of the NDD’s green initiative is to ensure that the Central Business District is able to manage and reduce the waste being generated. The NDD has partnered with Newark’s Department of Public Works, Keep America Beautiful, Covanta, and Phillp Morris USA in a recycling effort. There are currently 22 recycling cans and 17 cigarette litter stands placed throughout the Downtown. The interactive map will help you locate each of the cans in the District. 

Downtown Newark Recyclable Items:

  • Aerosol Cans (empty cans only)
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Glass Bottles & Jars
  • Metal Cans
  • Plastic Bottles & Jugs

To find out more about sustainability in Newark, visit our partner organizations:

NJ Tree Foundation –
Newark Green Team –
Newark Office of Sustainability  –

For more information on the City of Newark recycling program, click here.

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