Improving streetscape infrastructure is crucial for the vibrancy and livability of Downtown Newark. A well-designed streetscape enhances urban mobility, safety, and economic vitality, making the downtown area more attractive for residents, visitors, and businesses. In 2007, the NDD bonded $10 million to enhance the physical appearance of the downtown through the deployment of street elements such as trash receptacles, decorative lights, planters, street trees, and wayfinding signage. This initiative led to the creation of the NDD Festival Lighting project and the redesign of the NDD Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage Project.


The NDD Festival Lighting Project 

Festival lighting design plays a crucial role in creating comfort and enhancing urban spaces. These beautification elements reflect a city’s culture and identity when used professionally and correctly. The NDD Festival Lighting project officially began in 2019 as part of the NDD’s Capital Improvement Project, with the first phase implemented on Treat Place, completed in August 2022. This transformative project, fully managed and funded by the NDD, revitalized the area with vibrant lights. Building on the success of Treat Place, Phase 2 extended the lighting to Halsey Street in just eight months, thanks to a remarkable partnership between the NDD and Newark Alliance. This collaboration exemplifies the power of teamwork in enhancing the urban environment.

The NDD Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage Project

Initiated in 2022, the NDD Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage Project aims to promote walkability in Downtown Newark. As urban mobility and safety are significantly enhanced by effective wayfinding signage, this project seeks to reclaim the city for pedestrian use. The NDD commissioned a reputable graphic design firm and engaged local residents, corporate anchors, city representatives, business owners, and community leaders to shape the wayfinding proposal. The result is a system that highlights all Downtown Newark neighborhoods, is environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, and celebrates the rich history of Newark. The NDD is proud to lead this initiative, which enhances urban mobility, safety, and economic vibrancy through well-designed pedestrian wayfinding signage.