The NDD Parklet Program has return for the summer of 2024. The seventh edition of this program includes traditional wooden structures and new pop-up parklets, making the program available to a larger portion of the Downtown District.

What are parklets?

Parklets are small, open spaces that transform sections of street parking spaces or other underutilized public areas into vibrant public spaces. These parklets typically feature seating, greenery, bike racks, and sometimes art installations or other amenities designed to create a welcoming atmosphere for pedestrians. The aim of parklet programs is to enhance the urban environment, promote community interaction, and improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of public spaces.

Benefits of Parklets:

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Transform Newark’s Downtown with the NDD Parklet Program! By sponsoring a parklet, your corporate entity can play a pivotal role in boosting local businesses and enhancing community spaces. Our parklets, including traditional wooden structures and versatile pop-up options, are strategically placed on safe, eligible streets to increase foot traffic and support small businesses. As a sponsor, your brand will be prominently displayed on parklet signage, celebrated on our website and social media. Join us in revitalizing downtown and make a tangible difference today.

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Tel (973) 622-2002

Fax (973) 936-9720


Tel (973) 622-2002

Fax (973) 936-9720

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