Past Events

District Safety Symposium

District Safety Symposium

The inaugural NDD District Safety Symposium was a landmark community event that brought together city safety leaders and private security experts to forge a stronger, safer downtown. This symposium provided an invaluable platform for initiating open dialogues, sharing innovative safety practices, and enhancing collaborative efforts between public and private safety organizations.

Hidden Gems

NDD Hidden Gems

The Hidden Gems series was an exciting way to shine a spotlight on the unique local stores and restaurants that make our neighborhood vibrant and diverse. From family-run eateries offering mouthwatering dishes to quaint boutiques with one-of-a-kind finds, the Hidden Gems series was a gateway to exploring the best local secrets. As part of this social media campaign, users submit their favorite Hidden Gem via email or direct message for the chance to be chosen and featured on NDD’s page!

Pedestrian mall

Downtown Pedestrian Mall

During the summer, the NDD implemented temporary pedestrian malls in different locations in Downtown Newark to transform streets into walkable, pedestrian-friendly urban spaces. By blocking off vehicular traffic, these open spaces provide the Downtown community with better access to retail stores, more seating amenities, and activities to socialize and enjoy the outdoors with neighbors and colleagues.

The 2019 NDD Pedestrian Mall, Washington Place Wednesdays, offered information tables, free yoga sessions, a pop-up shop, food vendors, games, and live music. The mall provided a temporary space for the Downtown community to eat, socialize, play, and enjoy the warm weather during lunchtime.