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The NDD Parklet Program is set to return for the summer of 2024. The seventh edition of this program will include traditional wooden structures and new pop-up parklets, making the program available to a larger portion of the Downtown District.

Stay updated on all active programming at our parklets this season.

If you are a small business or company and would like to receive a free parklet, please contact

To determine location eligibility, please see the Safety Guidelines for information on traffic safety and eligible streets.

The NDD Parklet Program allows for increased outdoor dining space and is a way to extend the presence of mini-parks in the Downtown District.
Benefits of Parklets:

  • Increase business activity at nearby restaurants and cafes
  • Provide much-needed green spaces in an urban area
  • Increase vibrancy for a more inviting downtown environment


The NDD Parklet Program is aimed at assisting small businesses. The NDD offers both traditional wooden structures and pop-up parklets. All are are placed throughout the Downtown District on eligible streets that meet traffic safety criteria. By placing parklets in front of or near small businesses, there is an opportunity for an increase in foot traffic. All parklets are fully insured by the NDD. If conditions allow, the parklets are also furnished with shade structures.

The NDD is looking for parklet sponsors to help cover the cost of parking fees and/or safety equipment. All parklet sponsors will have their name featured on parklet signage, promoted on the NDD website and social media, and featured in a corresponding press release.

If you or your organization would like to support a downtown business through this parklet sponsorship opportunity, please email

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