Maintenance and Operations

The Newark Downtown District (NDD) is committed to providing a clean, safe, and vibrant downtown for residents and visitors alike. Our Operations team works hard to make sure that our downtown is the best it can be.

Clean Team

The NDD Clean Team is responsible for keeping our streets, sidewalks, and public spaces accessible and litter-free 359 days a year. From Division Street to Poiner Street, University Avenue to Prospect Street, the NDD Clean Team also removes graffiti and collects over 44 tons of trash annually. Additionally, the NDD Ambassadors, clad in the iconic yellow and black uniforms, pre-treat District corner cuts, abate snow and ice in times of inclement weather and abate thousands of bags of leaves in the autumn.

“Downtown would not be walkable without you. From startup to present this has been such a great organization. THANK YOU!!!”
— Nina P. (Instagram)

Quality of Life

The NDD Quality-of-Life (QoL) Team is responsible for observing and reporting quality-of-life observations such as improperly placed trash, suspicious activities, abandoned packages, and NDD asset internal work order development. Required to conduct a minimum of 12 business contacts per ambassador per day, the NDD QoL Team also works with local businesses and residents to resolve conflicts and improve our downtown’s overall quality of life. Monthly, the NDD QoL Team participates in Community Engagement walks with the NDD Administrative Team and our community partners. This team also conducts a bimonthly pre-dawn lighting check and reports all outages within the NDD footprint directly to our partners at Public Service Electric and Gas as well as the City of Newark.

“I’ve been in Newark for about two months now, and every time I’ve gotten lost or turned around they [NDD Ambassadors] have been so helpful!”
— sarevechante (Instagram)

Special Projects

The NDD Special Projects Team is responsible for planning and implementing special projects that improve our downtown. These projects have included everything from enhancing the aesthetic of the NDD’s existing streetscape designs to art installations. The NDD Special Projects Team also repaints all 200 decorative light poles in the District as well as the fire hydrants and transformer boxes. This meticulous team also provides labor support


The NDD Sustainable Horticulture Program is committed to making our downtown more sustainable. The NDD Horticulture Team maintains over 400 planters (streetscape and hanging baskets), 800 District tree pits, Monsignor Doane and Washington Monuments, and bi-weekly maintenance of the East Coast’s largest mural, Gateways To Newark. In an effort to align our sustainability efforts with the NDD Strategic Plan as well as the City of Newark’s 360 Master Plan, we recently switched our gas-powered horticulture equipment to battery-powered equipment, and we are working to plant more trees and flowers that are native to our region.


The NDD Fee-for-Service Program allows businesses to pay for supplemental services that the NDD provides for public property on their private property. These services include street cleaning, graffiti removal, and snow removal.

If any of these services are appealing, contact

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