Maintenance and Operations

The NDD’s Ambassador program is iconic and their bright yellow and black uniforms are readily recognizable throughout the Downtown. NDD Ambassadors patrol the District’s sidewalks and streets and keep them free of litter, attend to Downtown walkways, assist pedestrians, and interact with local businesses and stakeholders.

Clean Team

Seven days a week, the Clean Team maintains a crisp and clean look along the District’s sidewalks and curb line. You are guaranteed a smile and a friendly greeting from NDD Ambassadors who know the City well. Servicing 203 pedestrian trash cans daily, the Clean Team collected over 825 tons of trash last year! The NDD has partnered with the Keep America Beautiful campaign to install cigarette butt collection tubes throughout the District. As part of their standard responsibilities, the Clean Team now collects these cigarette butts so that they can be recycled into renewable energy.

“Downtown would not be walkable without you. From startup to present this has been such a great organization. THANK YOU!!!”
— Nina P. (Instagram)


Did you know that the NDD Ambassador’s high quality of work is available for hire? NDD Ambassadors can offer a variety of services for your needs. The horticulture team can handle everything from single planters to larger landscape designs. The best part is, the NDD will maintain it with a program that includes watering, plant survival insurance, and seasonal change-outs.

When in season, the Clean Team is armed with high-pressure power washers and can strip the toughest dirt and grime from sidewalks. The team can also undertake major cleanups and provide constant manageable cleaning during festivals and musical events.

The Special Projects Team is available to set up for your special event or daily outdoor seating needs. In the unfortunate occurrence of graffiti, this team can remove it and repaint the area if needed.

The Quality of Life Team is proficient as event greeters, hospitality representatives, and crowd informers for events that have long lines and waiting periods. They will engage with the attendees to make a slow-shuffling line a pleasant experience.

If any of these services are appealing, contact


Although they wear yellow and black, this team has green thumbs! They are responsible for over 300 planters and 80 hanging baskets. In May of each year, planters throughout the District burst with summertime colors. In the fall, the planters transition to hardier varieties that can withstand the cooler temperatures. The final planting takes place in November, when an evergreen array is installed. During the season, this team nurtures the plants with fertilizer feedings and daily watering.

It doesn’t stop there! Tree pits and sidewalks are manicured of weeds and landmark monuments such as the Washington statue and Monsignor Doan areas are trimmed and mulched.

Quality of Life

This specialized team of hospitality ambassadors are experts about the Downtown. Whether it is a question about directions or where to get a cup of coffee, they have the answers. Last year the Ambassadors tallied over 12,000 pedestrian contacts that included street crossings, directional advice, and merchant recommendations. They collect data for the District and are a staple at the NDD kiosk, which is erected at events such as the NDD Common Greens Farmers Market and NDD Pedestrian Mall. While at the kiosk, the team greets event attendees and hands out NDD signature-branded items.

“I’ve been in Newark for about two months now, and every time I’ve gotten lost or turned around they [NDD Ambassadors] have been so helpful!”
— sarevechante (Instagram)

Special Projects

The Special Projects Team are detail specialists who quickly remove unwanted stickers and unauthorized signage from District assets. When the unfortunate circumstance of graffiti occurs, it is swiftly removed with a graffiti removal system that includes paint remover and, when necessary, a fresh coat of paint. This team also power washes sidewalks and can detail light poles, trash cans, bollards, and traffic signal boxes with fresh glossy black paint.

Inside Newark

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