Welcome to the Newark Downtown District, where placemaking is not just an idea—it’s a vibrant reality! Our ongoing efforts are dedicated to transforming our downtown into a dynamic hub of activity that attracts residents, visitors, and businesses alike. Through thoughtful design and community-focused initiatives, we’re enhancing the public spaces to foster social interactions, cultural experiences, and economic vitality. Join us in experiencing a reimagined downtown where every corner is infused with energy, creativity, and the spirit of Newark. Explore, connect, and thrive in our urban landscape as we collectively shape a lively and inclusive community for all to enjoy.


When the sun is out and summer rolls around, NDD Parklets are open! NDD Parklets are free to everyone from May to October to sit, relax, and enjoy some open space so come check them out.

The NDD Parklet program aims to provide more open spaces and encourage walkability within the Downtown. They are an economical solution to the need for wider sidewalks as they convert curbside parking spaces into vibrant community spaces. For businesses, Parklets are a way to increase foot traffic and provide patrons with greater access to stores and services in Downtown Newark.

If you are a Downtown business, organization, or property owner and are interested in having a Parklet near your establishment, please contact Urban Planner Mbacke N. Faye at

NDD Night Market

the NDD Night Market is the ultimate evening destination under the stars! We transform a closed street into a bustling market filled with an array of vendors and a delightful assortment of food trucks, all illuminated by enchanting festival lighting. Whether you’re shopping for unique crafts, savoring gourmet street food, or simply soaking up the vibrant atmosphere, the NDD Night Market offers something special for everyone.

If you are a Downtown business and are interested in having a participating in an upcoming NDD Night Market, please contact our Marketing Team at

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