Downtown Marketing

Downtown Marketing

The District’s marketing program introduces people to an invigorated Newark. The program promotes the City’s diverse arts and cultural offerings, its unique restaurants and international character.

Marketing at the Newark Downtown District is twofold, promoting our various community events as well as promoting our stakeholders in a number of ways. By connecting with as many businesses as possible in Newark, the NDD pushes out the good word about what is happening here.


Downtown Local Marketing Program

Everyone wants to be a part of the NDD Downtown Newark Local Marketing Program for our member businesses and organizations! All NDD stakeholders are invited to take advantage of this program, which is offered at no or low cost, depending on the outlet.

To be a part of any of the offerings listed below please contact

Local MarketingSocial Media and NDD Monthly Email Newsletter “Downtown Connections”: Each merchant may take advantage of free promotion on NDD’s social media outlets. The NDD posts daily to approximately 15,000 friends, fans, and followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  The NDD monthly newsletter is sent to our entire database of businesses, residents, and media outlets that cover the Newark area - reaching over 3000 people.

Promotion on the NDD WebsiteEach business located within the NDD boundaries can have their business listed and linked back to their website.

Event Calendar: Merchants are encouraged to submit their events, which will be reviewed, approved, and published in the Events section of the NDD website. We will also send those events out to our approximately 15,000 friends, fans, and followers via our social media outlets. Events should be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

Event Sponsorship: Merchants have the opportunity to gain exposure throughout the District by sponsoring NDD events and initiatives, such as the Holiday Tree Lighting, Employee Appreciation Week, or the Downtown Newark Living Tour. Advertising: Through a partnership with, we are offering our merchants the opportunity to have an advertising banner on the NDD Blog on  This blog is seen by over 100,000 people each month.  We are offering our members one top banner and one sidebar advertising banner for a fraction of the cost to normally advertise on! (low advertising cost, please contact for more information).

Events and Cultural Task Force

The Downtown Newark Events and Culture Task Force meets quarterly.

The purpose of this committee is four-fold:

  • Bring together all common downtown Newark stakeholders to share marketing initiatives and events.
  • Break down silos by giving a vehicle for collaboration and cross promotion.
  • Give corporate and educational stakeholder one arena in which to obtain information and selectively disseminate to their employees/students.
  • Collectively solve obstacles and challenges to raising the quality of cultural life in our downtown.

If you would like information on the next Downtown Newark Events and Culture Task Force meeting please contact