NDD Real Estate Development

City of Newark Office of Planning and Zoning

The Office of Planning and Zoning within the Department of Economic and Housing Development is responsible for all planning and zoning board approvals.

Data Source: Click here for the City’s zoning map

City of Newark Real Estate Taxes

Newark’s real estate tax bills are posted on the City’s Payments portal.  The City posts real estate and special improvement district (SID) payments.  It also posts the recorded owners for the properties on this portal.  To find block and lot information for a specific address to access the tax information, go to the City’s Planning and Zoning Internet page.

Data Source: Click here for tax records


Search NJParcels.com for property information, real estate and sales data and interactive maps and metrics of taxation and valuation data.

Pulling from official sources, NJParcels.com provides additional data beyond other sites, linking parcel and other GIS and demographic data in an easy-to-use format.

Data Source: Click here for NJParcel.com records

Essex County Real Property Public Records

The Essex County Register’s Office records and archives for public viewing and inspection those documents that record the transfer of real property within Essex County.

Data Source: Click here for property records

Central Planning Board/Landmarks & Historic Preservation Commission Applications With Development Site Plans

The Newark Central Planning Board (CPB) and Landmarks Historic and Preservation Commission (LHPC) hear and review development applications for site plan review, zoning variances, and exterior renovations of properties located in the historic district.  The NDD has provided a summary file of project applications (with development site plans) that have been filed in 2021 and 2022 in the NDD’s SID.

Data Source: Click here for the NDD’s spreadsheet with links to the CPB and LHPC’s files for development project site plans

U.S Census Bureau

The U.S Census Bureau serves as the Nation’s leading provider of quality data about its people and economy. The bureau’s website has various datasets related to different fields. Topics (i.e., business and economy, housing, employment, income.) For all real-estate related information, the U.S Census Bureau is the first stop in terms of retrieving free and up to date real estate information.

Data source: Click here to access the data section of the website

To retrieve housing information please follow these steps:

  1. Click on geography to choose the area of interest -(Zip Code Tabulation Data for an in-depth analysis)
  2. Select the survey type american community survey
  3. Select the topic housing
  4. Zoom in on the map at your area of interest and access the data in a summary form
  5. Information can be downloaded through tables, maps, and others.

Newark Downtown District (NDD)

The NDD shares downtown real estate trends, findings, development projects, and comprehensive insights with the district’s community, businesses, and stakeholders in various reports. 

Data source: Click here for the page on our Internet site where our real-estate reports are posted

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