NDD Crime Prevention

Newark Police Division

The City of Newark’s Police Department is a Newark Department of Public Safety division.  The division tracks crime statistics to direct crime control efforts and improve the department’s overall effectiveness. 

Data Source: The City of Newark Police Department tracks crime statistics within its ComStat unit and on Crime Stats.  

Newark Downtown District (NDD) – Quality of Life Ambassadors  

The NDD QOLs’ uniformed presence helps reaffirm our District’s safety and walkability. Clad in their “Quality of Life” uniforms and two-way radios, this specialized staff patrols our District corridors, engaging pedestrians and business owners alike. NDD QOL ambassadors also conduct pre-dawn lighting inspections on a bi-monthly basis, reporting outages to our partners at PSE&G. 

Newark Public Safety Collective (NPSC)

The NPSC was formed in 2018 as part of the Rutgers-Newark School of Criminal Justice Anchor Initiative. Through direct partnership with the City of Newark Mayor’s Office, other City officials, and community stakeholders, the NPSC builds on the successes of past violence reduction initiatives with a greater focus on (1) place-based predictive analytics and (2) data-driven community engagement for crime prevention and public safety in (3) transparent, civilly just, and sustainable ways. 

NPSC brings together data analysts, social workers, policymakers, and practitioners to contextualize “big data” and make decisions for actions in a coordinated fashion. The NPSC maximizes local resources and expertise to solve problems and improve the impact of public safety work already underway in Newark.

Data Source: Click here for an overview of current crime reports in Newark. 

Rutgers Center on Public Security

The core mission of the Rutgers Center on Public Security is to engage in innovative data analysis and information dissemination for strategic decision-making and tactical action; to develop innovative and practical methods for research, evaluation, threat assessment, and crisis management; to improve public safety and security through scholarly inquiry, interdisciplinary collaboration, and applied research; and to coordinate discussions and consultations across academic, professional, corporate and governmental agencies.

Data Source: The Rutgers Center on Public Security provides an impactful research page. Click here 

Center on Policing at Rutgers University

The Center on Policing (COP) at Rutgers University, formerly known as the Police Institute, was founded by Dr. George Kelling in 2001. In 2018, the Center joined the Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience (CPR) and the Center for Intelligence Studies under the Rutgers Institute for Secure Communities (RISC). The Center is composed of individuals with a broad range of experience in the public safety arena. The COP’s mission is to integrate research and evidence-based best practices into police operations, violence reduction, problem-solving, community policing, education, training, and criminal justice policy and practice development. The center will achieve its goals by focusing on the following areas: Research, Technology, and Education & Technical Assistance. Read more about the current and past projects here.

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