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Newark Now

The mission of Newark Now is to equip and empower Newark residents with the tools and resources to transform their communities through neighborhood associations, tenant organizations, and community groups. Our core belief is that every Newark neighborhood has the capacity to be livable and that all it takes are a few dedicated, skilled residents to begin the process. Newark Now's work is rooted in three tenets that include: (1) every Newark resident has the power to transform his/her neighborhood, (2) every Newark neighborhood should and can be livable, and (3) every Newark resident has the power and ability to lead. Newark Now supports the work of our community partners through a simple motto: BUILD. BROKER. ADVOCATE. UNITE. This motto keeps us in tune with our mission. Through this motto, Newark Now provides all of our community partners with basic services to help them grow and strengthen--strategic planning, creative problem-solving, community organizing and outreach, neighborhood research, program development, capacity building, and leadership development.


303 University Avenue
Newark, NJ 07102