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Latino Institute Inc.

The Latino Institute Inc. is a private, non-profit, charitable organization. Our mission is to serve as a bridge between the Latino community, and the educational, cultural, governmental, social, and economic institutions of society by providing accurate, factual, and timely information on the barriers and challenges affecting the education, growth, development, and well-being of that community and by developing, recommending, and advocating solutions and actions that may serve as a catalyst for change. Our particular interest is educational achievement for Latinos throughout the educational continuum and the promotion of Latino culture in America. We believe, as many reasonable people believe, that educational achievement is the key to success in life. At the same time, we believe in respecting, fostering, and promoting the Latino cultural heritage, especially among our young, as part of the development of Latinos everywhere. In the educational pathway, we are uniquely interested in college retention issues and the promotion of college Latino students towards graduate schools, Ph.D. programs, and the professions. We promote these tenets through major events, conferences, seminars, lectures, performances, programs, and other activities. The Latino Institute Inc. is a national organization located in New Jersey.


50 Park Place, #1539
Newark, NJ 07102

Contact: 973-273-0273
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