Smart Newark Kiosks

Downtown Newark – the Smart City Hub for New Jersey:

Keeping up with technology includes more than large amounts of social media fans and a great Google search. More than ever, major cities across the world are testing a bevy of smart technology products that integrate city resources and information with technological entertainment.  The NDD has partnered with the City of Newark Information Technology Department and technology company, Aptinet, to create the first downtown Newark Smart Hub Kiosk.

This Kiosk is powered by a cloud-based DSCMS (Digital Signage Content Management System). It includes Wifi access for citizens and also tracks and measures pedestrian traffic. Pedestrian traffic is measured by proximity, engagement, and loyalty data, as well as a consumer mobile app tailored and branded for the city of Newark. The system also includes a Merchant mobile app. Merchants can scan and keep track of their redeemed offers, and use as a rewards system.

Additionally, the kiosk will serve as an information dissemination point for the NDD and the city, allowing users to see events, important updates, local listings, as well as advertisements from local and national brands.