Five Reasons Downtown Newark is the #1 Place to Stay Outside of NYC

Submitted by itadmin on Sat, 10/10/2015 - 12:20

Recently hotels in downtown Newark were praised as one of the best alternatives to the often high priced NYC hotels. Newark is featured in a new map by that illustrates all the transportation options for accessing NYC from NJ. Here are the top reasons downtown Newark stands out as one of the best hubs for a hotel outside of Manhattan.

#1) Savings to Amenities
While the average hotel cost in Manhattan routinely exceed $300 travelers can save hundreds in downtown Newark. The all-around best value for a hotel within three blocks of the PATH or NJ Transit train station at Penn Station is the Best Western. Here rates average below $115 weekday or weekend and so many things are free that you won’t often get in NYC such as parking, internet, breakfast, and a free shuttle to Newark’s airport. With over 800 reviews on TripAdvisor the Best Western averages a 4.5/5.

#2) Quick Airport Access
Any hotel no matter how close to the Newark Airport will require a shuttle or car to get to the terminal. There are no hotels near any pickup points along the light rail train that runs between the Newark airport terminal and NJ Transit’s Newark Airport Railroad station. Both the Hilton and Best Western in downtown Newark offer a shuttle from the hotel to the airport. Plus staying in downtown Newark at either hotel will offer walkability to restaurants and entertainment. For travelers who have an early morning flight a shuttle ride to the airport is nice alternative to public transit. Equally so, it’s nice to know that after a long day in NYC it’s only a quick walk from Newark’s Penn Station to the hotel.

#3) Easy Access to Multiple Points in NYC
Newark’s Penn Station services both the PATH and NJ Transit trains. This offers travelers two end points in NYC. The PATH has final destinations at World Trade Center, or 33rd street in Manhattan which is not far from NYC Penn Station the final destination for NJ Transit trains. Penn Station is about 10 blocks from Times Square. Anticipate a ride time between 25 and 30 minutes to access NYC from Newark.

#4) Restaurants / Nightlife
Don’t extend the satirical reputation of NJ to downtown Newark. Newark boasts an art museum, is adjacent to the NJ Institute of Technology’s campus, and is home to NJ Center for Performing Arts. Travelers who prioritize the popular hubs in Manhattan might not spend their time at these attractions, but they reinforce the vibrant urban atmosphere present in Newark. Travelers can expect a number of dining options between their hotel and Penn Station. One place to investigate is Duke’s Sothern Table.

#5) Easy by Car
It costs $10 to get into NYC. These are the fees for the Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge. Travelers from the south and west will find all major highways lead to Newark before bottle necking into Manhattan. Travelers who want to drive to NYC and stay relatively close without experiences the worst of NYC traffic will like Newark as an option.