Hahne & Co. Building

Submitted by itadmin on Thu, 06/23/2016 - 14:42

The former Hahne & Co. building is being developed by Hanini Group and L+M Development to bring new, mixed use real estate to downtown Newark. The 440,000 square-foot building will have residential, office space, and retail. Rutgers and Whole Foods have already signed leases to move into the historic space.

The Newark Downtown District took an exciting tour of this historic space noting all of the details including the grand atrium (as if it could be missed), the wooden and iron balustrades leading up to the antique fireplace on the staircase landing, and of course the many windows. It will be wonderful to see it once it is all constructed and in its final stage, recreating what was once known as the “Greatest Department Store in New Jersey.”