Downtown Newark Celebrates Nutrition

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And this month Downtown Newark celebrates… Nutrition?

As far as most of us know, March is only popular for St. Patrick’s Day, daylight savings, and maybe March Madness for those who are fans of the NCAA. But March is also National Nutrition Month. How many of us have been slacking on keeping up with that New Year’s resolution? Well, it’s not too late yet! Whether your resolution was to get fit, get healthy, or just to simply be happy — a healthy diet can help you do all three.

That being said, living in downtown Newark, we all know that this fast-paced community and lifestyle makes it not only difficult but inconvenient to eat healthily. Not anymore! There are a few places not too far (walking distance *wink*) from your office or apartment that sell delicious, nutritious food. These are our top 3 picks:

First on our list is Harvest Table, located on both 127 Halsey Street and 550 Broad Street. This small, homey spot is perfect for your health kick, on-the-run, and on a budget. Both locations are conveniently centered in the heart of downtown Newark, maybe walking distance for some, but if not, they deliver! Harvest Table opened up in 2007 and since then has been featured in many “best eat” articles, blogs, and has even been presented with culinary awards by Oprah. Their menu has an array of nutritious breakfast, lunch, snack, and drink options. Carissa, the owner, assures that Harvest Table uses all fresh and natural ingredients. Walk in to try their salmon burger, specialty salads, house smoothies, or all three!

Second, on our list, we have The Green Chicpea, also located downtown on 59 Halsey Street. If you’re into authentic Mediterranean food with a fast-casual time and budget, this is your spot. Rated a 4.5 out of 5 on for their healthy options, great price, and quick service, The Green Chicpea is a Newark favorite. If you’re familiar with Chipotle, the service line is very similar. You begin by choosing your base: pita, laffa, bowl, or a platter, then a choice of protein which includes falafel and three types of chicken: shish/grilled, schnitz/fried, and shawarma/rotisserie, and finally you choose your salad and sauces. Reviews confirm that all their chicken options are lean (little grease, not fatty, pure white) and their variety of veggie salad options are to die for. If you’re planning on visiting, during the week is your best bet. And once you get hooked, you’ll be willing to stand on the line out the door on Fridays.


Last, but definitely not least is the Health Food Store. No, it’s not a mistake, that’s actually the name of the place. This spot is located on 47 Academy Street and kind of hard to find. It looks like a convenience store and the front banner says “Good News Food Court”, while the signs on the left and right read “Health Food Store”. But don’t be turned away by the deceiving store front, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The Health Food Store offers anything from wheatgrass shots to sushi to food a la carte (sold by the lb.). So it’s great for someone who likes to have all their options in one place. Like Harvest Table and The Green Chicpea, the Health Food Store is also pocket-friendly, sushi for under $4 and create your own salads for $5. Customers say it’s the “cleanest, healthiest, and yummiest” place they’ve found in Newark thus far. And for their unbeatable prices? It’s worth a shot. Test your luck on finding this hidden gem – don’t forget, if it looks like a typical convenience store, you’ve probably found it.

health food store

March 1st marked 112 days from the first day of summer; it only takes 21 days to create a habit. Start ordering or eating in at these healthier options and create a habit of making at least one part of your day health conscious. Before you know it, you’ll be eating well, feeling more energized, maybe doing a little more exercise, and actually meeting your New Year’s resolution for 2017.
Just something else to keep you motivated, Newark’s first Whole Foods is now open on 633 Broad Street. 29,000 square feet of fresh produce, meats, seafood, and other healthy goodies, all housed in the newly renovated Hahne and Company building. In partnership with the Whole Cities Foundation, this Whole Foods store launched a health initiative aimed to improve individual and overall community health. Whole Cities offered up to $15,000 to organizations in Newark’s five wards, focused in health education and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The Newark Downtown District is rooting for you to meet your goals!