Newark is Blossoming

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When the flower blossoms, the bee will come.” – Srikumar RaoUntitled44W

Although Newark has been seeded and sprouting for years, 2017 is the year it has blossomed. The remodeling and opening of the historic former department store, Hahne and Company, gave the central business district a significant initiative push. Within the Hahne building, the introduction of Newark’s first Whole Foods Market and Barnes and Noble has brought to light Newark’s growth and rebirth. With such a welcoming response from those who live, labor, and leisure in the downtown, other businesses have gained the confidence to join the party as well – and they’ve done so seamlessly. Do you remember Halsey Street without Halal Guys? We don’t (and don’t want to) either. Already existing stores are benefiting from the influx of commerce, customers, and attractions. Some are enjoying the spotlight and celebrating their anniversaries – congratulations Off The Hanger! Excited for what this year has already brought, and anticipating the greatness it has in store; the Newark Downtown District is on the rise.

More businesses, more people, more residents. Preparing for all of our newcomers; downtown’s housing has also been a part of Newark’s blossoming story. The Willows, Halston Flats, and the Hahne and Co. building are just a few of the new exciting, unique, and diverse residential developments that have opened this year alone. Mayor Ras Baraka said, “Newark used to be a city with about a half a million people. We have about 300,000 at this point, so we have room for at least 200,000 more folks. So, bring them in as quickly as you can.” And what does the NDD say? We’re on it! On Saturday, May 20, 2017, we will be hosting our first ever Downtown Newark Living Tour, featuring over a dozen luxury and affordable apartments along with complimentary entrances and discounts to the city’s best art galleries, entertainment arenas, cultural institutions, restaurants, and bars. The event will run from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, offering shuttles for attendees to make their way around the living tour stops. The event is free for everyone and registration ( is open. Over 1000 people have RSVP’d already!

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You know what else has blossomed? Military Park — literally. Filled with colorful flowers and plants, Military Park is a downtown favorite. This month, BURG, Military Park’s burger spot, opens again for the season. The restaurant is back and better than ever with a new expanded menu, upgraded seating area now with fire pits, live music and DJs, and a customer loyalty program. We can’t wait to try their spicy buffalo wings! Especially since we’ll be burning all the extra calories with the NDD Walking Club. Starting May 30th, the NDD Walking Club will meet Monday through Friday outside of the PSE&G Plaza (80 Park Plaza, Newark, NJ 07102). The NDD provides a professional trainer, Walking Club tees, and several times to accommodate for Newarker’s busy schedules. Register here and join the club. Walk to a healthier you!

Newark is a flower, and the bees are coming. New businesses, residencies, events, and people — we are living up to the real meaning of Spring.

P.S. The Common Greens Farmers Market is back for its 17th season. With an average attendance of 800-1200 attendees each week, selling your product at the NDD Farmers Market gives your business an unparalleled advertising and point-of-sale opportunity like no other. This year, the farmers market will run every Thursday (weather permitting), from June 1, 2017 to October 26, 2017 at PSE&G Plaza. Interested in being a vendor? Applications are now open.