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Bridging The Unemployment Gap Among Young Men of Color


             On February 27th, 2018, NDD staffer, Tokz Gabriel, had the pleasure of attending Newark's My Brother's Keeper program. In collaboration with My Brother's Keeper Alliance, Mayor Ras Baraka, the City of Newark, and Prudential, MBK Newark held Pathways to Success, an opportunity summit available to all boys and young men of color (ages 16 - 29). On paper, Pathways to Success might have resembled the format of a typical job fair event but this event would turn out to be anything but typical! A free event for all, Pathways to Success provided numerous empowerment tools to be utilized such as on-site interviews, resume building workshops, tie bar, shoe shining and haircut stations. Throughout the day, it was impossible to miss the myriad of young men circulating from booth to booth with hopes of preparing themselves for a brighter future.


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          In addition, attendees had the pleasure of meeting some of Newark's top leaders and innovators such as Mayor Baraka (City of Newark), Robert Gregory (Newark Public Schools), Ali Abdullah (Claim it!), and Leah Gilliam (Girls Who Code). This part of the program was of special interest to us because of each speaker’s extensive knowledge and experience on topics ranging from educational advancement to advice on becoming an entrepreneur. Upon exiting this event, it was clear all in attendance learned something new that would encourage them to make fruitful changes in both their lives and their communities. We would like to thank all parties involved for hosting such an advantageous event as well continuing to bridge the employment gap among young men of color. Please visit to learn more about MBK Newark and its mission.