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The Ambassadors are heart and soul of our organization. Highly recognizable in their bright yellow and black uniforms they are split up into teams which are fundamental to the upkeep and maintenance of the downtown. During our peak season, there are up to 60 Ambassadors employed by NDD, more than 95% are Newark residents.

The Clean Team Ambassadors clean every block within the Special Improvement District boundaries seven days a week.

The Quality of Life Ambassadors work with members of the Newark Police Department and are stationed at our new Community Resource Center at 60 Park Place. They canvas our district on foot, bicycles and Segways, to identify issues that can potentially negatively affect our beautiful downtown.

QOL Ambassadors also proactively assist individuals with welcoming, smiling faces, and provide information to visitors.

Special Project Ambassadors tackle projects throughout the downtown that requires special skills such as graffiti removal, painting, and power washing sidewalks and buildings.

The Horticulture Ambassadors, known as the “Green Team,” create a welcoming environment in downtown Newark through beautification. They install and maintain the thousands of seasonal plants and flowers throughout the district and maintain Washington Park and Doane Triangle. They also provide contracted horticulture services to private properties. This ensures that our entire downtown has a uniform look.

Apply here to become an Ambassador!

Anthony McMillan, Chief Executive Officer of the NDD, hopes that the NDD Ambassador program will change people’s perception of Newark. According to Mr. McMillan, the Ambassadors’ work has a direct impact on the City’s image and its revival. The positive response from local merchants and residents led to his confidence that the NDD team’s work can help dispel negative myths. One of Mr. McMillan’s goals is for the Ambassadors to meet and exceed the expectations and needs of the stakeholders.