Mulberry Commons

Mulberry Commons

Mulberry Commons, downtown Newark’s newest park, is the proposed development of three (3) acres of open space. The proposed park will be located between Mulberry Street and McCarter Highway, over the Northeast Corridor, down to Peter Francisco Park, with connections to Penn Station.

The park is made possible through a public-private partnership between the City of Newark, the Newark Community and Economic Development Corporation, the Newark Downtown District, Edison Properties, J&L Companies, Inc., and the Prudential Center. Sage and Coombe Architects is the project lead for the design of the park, and Supermass Studio is the landscape architect.

Upon completion of the park, NDD will be the entity responsible for maintenance, operations, and programming.

Please contact Mbacke Faye, Urban Planning Associate (NDD), at (973) 622-2002 or

Public Outreach

To ensure this public park embodies the needs and desires of the community, we have and will continue to solicit feedback from the community. Below, find each public presentation along with the date that it occurred. Additionally, please find the summary results of the Mulberry Commons public input survey below. If you would like to make any general comments about the park, please feel free to do so in the survey.

MC Public Input Survey Results

February 22, 2017: Public Outreach II

January 17, 2017: Public Outreach I

December 19, 2016: City Council Presentation


To view the design concepts in their entirety please click here to download the deck.


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