Outdoor Seating

As cities strive to become more livable, pedestrian malls have transformed streets into walkable, pedestrian-friendly urban spaces. By blocking off vehicular traffic, these open spaces allow the public better access to retail.

Each year, after surveying several streets within downtown Newark, the Newark Downtown District (NDD) identifies a pedestrian-friendly street layout with wide sidewalks, shade, and borders that provide safety and a pleasant environment for all users as the location for the most conducive to a successful pedestrian mall. This program is part of NDD’s Sidewalk Access for Everyone (SAFE) initiative.


  • Added public space with available seating (drawing lunch crowds from nearby corporate offices)
  • Increased access to street level retail
  • Increased pedestrian traffic can result in greater business revenue
  • Increased walkability


  • Partial street closure once a week starting in June and extending into October
  • Organized and maintained by the NDD in conjunction with the City of Newark

For more information, please contact the Marketing Department (NDD), at marketing@downtownnewark.com.