The Newark Downtown District (NDD) Committees provide organized, focused means for members to achieve goals and address issues. They make full use of Board members’ expertise, time, and commitment, and ensure diversity of opinions on the board. The NDD Committees meet to discuss issues and then make recommendations to the full Board.

Currently, the NDD has the following committees:

  • NDD Executive Committee
  • NDD Marketing Committee
  • NDD Nominating/Compliance Committee
  • NDD Security Task Force Committee
  • NDD Strategic Planning Committee
  • NDD Government Relations Committee
  • NDD Events & Culture Task Force

As explained in the NDD Bylaws, members of the business community—as well as any others concerned about the economic advancement of the District (including residents of the District)—are encouraged to participate in all NDD Committees. While certain Committees, such as the Executive Committee and Nominating/Compliance Committee, are expressly reserved for NDD Board Members and Consultants, Committees are open to downtown Stakeholders. Anyone interested in becoming an NDD Board member is encouraged to first become an active member of an NDD Committee.

Interested in becoming an NDD Board or Committee Member? Contact Anthony McMillan using the contact form here.


NDD Marketing Committee

  • Jeff Scott, Chairman (NJ Devils)
  • Jeremy Johnson (Newark Arts Council)
  • Tamara Campbell (BurgerWalla / Newark Pulse)
  • Stephen Priolo (NJTV)
  • Andaiye Tayor (Brick City Live)
  • Peter Engot (Rutgers)
  • Representative (Newark Venture Partners)
  • Representative (Panasonic)
  • Denise Collins (Whole Foods)
  • Aisha Glover (NCEDC)
  • Chiagorom Osu (C&K Properties)
  • Noelle Frieson (NDD)

NDD Nominating/Compliance Committee

  • James Rhatican, Chairman (Hartz Mountain)*
  • Kevin Collins (C&K Properties)*
  • Francis Kirk, Esq. (Tesser & Cohen)
  • Michael Bright (Newark YMCA)*
  • Anthony McMillan (NDD)

NDD Strategic Planning Committee

  • Kevin Collins, Chairman (C & K Properties)*
  • Michael Bright (Newark YMCA)*
  • Chad Spies (NJPAC)*
  • Regina Tokar (Panasonic)*
  • Tom Banker (Consultant)
  • Anthony McMillan (NDD)

NDD Security Task Force Committee**

  • Allan Marcus, Chairman (Edison Properties)*
  • The Honorable Council President Mildred Crump (City of Newark Municipal Council)*
  • Chad Spies (NJPAC)*
  • Anthony McMillan (NDD)
  • Thomas Goletz (NDD)
  • Kimberly Heelan (NDD)
  • Diego Flores (NDD)

* Indicates NDD Board Member

** This Committee is made up of over 150 Downtown Security Professionals