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Clean Downtown Newark

Our clean ambassadors shine!

Wearing bright yellow and black jackets, the NDD Clean Ambassadors have a welcoming presence on Newark’s streets, providing a hospitality service, and most importantly, ensuring that the sidewalks are clean through pan-and-broom sweeping, trash pickup, and litter removal. During the winter, the team engages in snow and ice removal from key areas, and in summer months, they remove weeds and power wash the sidewalks throughout the district. The NDD provides the Clean Ambassadors—most of whom are Newark residents—with full benefits and competitive wages.

NDD Clean Ambassadors are scheduled seven days a week. Reduced schedule weekend Ambassadors concentrate on the refuse and litter left behind during the weekend. During the week, NDD Ambassadors are scheduled from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm in two shifts.


Green Downtown Newark

Newark ranked #2 in “Top U.S. Cities for Green Transportation” by!!

The Horticulture Department, known as The Green Team by ambassadors, is a quickly growing division of the NDD.  Our team consists of a team leader, four ambassadors, and myself. We maintain over 2,000 plants in 190 planters and 40 hanging baskets with 3 seasonal installations and nightly waterings. In addition to the planters, we landscape and maintain the Monsignor Doane Memorial and Washington Park Memorial. The overall goal of the Green Team is to create a welcoming environment in downtown Newark through beautification.

The horticulture team is able to assist in the planting and maintenance of any open space in the downtown as part of our fee for service program. Newark Penn Station, and 744 Broad St. currently participate in the program. In addition, your business can also sponsor planters or hanging baskets to be placed on the sidewalk.

Outdoor Seating:

At the corners of Washington Place and Market Street, and at Gateway Four on Mulberry Street, tables and chairs are set up for outdoor sitting. This street furniture is perfectly placed for people to enjoy food from a favorite eatery or even their lunch from home – or simply to just enjoy fresh air and beautiful landscaping. In addition to these areas being consistently monitored for cleanliness and safety without disturbing the patrons, they are adorned with seasonal plantings and decorative banners. There is also an additional seating area at the intersection of Market and Washington Street. The city-wide Wi-Fi is available at all of our outdoor seating areas, as well as solar charging stations for cell phones.


The NDD is piloting a parklet program for downtown Newark. A parklet is a small sidewalk extension that takes up an existing street side parking space. Parklets are an amenity trend in many large urban areas that began in San Francisco and has since moved on to the rest of the country. The parklet will provide extra space for seating outside of business. Both the city and adjacent businesses have signed off on locations and materials that will be used. These will be semi-permanent, and need to be taken down in the winter to protect it from snow plows. Any business in the district can sponsor a parklet and have it placed in front of their business for public use.

Flag Program

Throughout the NDD’s history, the organization has managed façade improvements and other programs to assist business owners in improving the look and feel of their business/area. Hence, the creation of a flag revitalization program well suits our organization’s interests. The NDD looks to create a program that will initiate the repair of these assets while also creating accountability to those participating and maintaining their individual sites to create a cohesive feel within the downtown.

The scope of this project is a partnership between the Newark Downtown District, private building owners, and the selected Flag vendor. This program will create an agreement with building owners to set up a system where the Newark Downtown District rehabilitates poles and purchases the first Flag. Thereafter the NDD will inspect and note the condition of each flag and pole on a regular basis.

The NDD’s flag program is continually adding participants now on a rolling basis. Current locations include many flags on Park Place, Broad Street, Bank Street, and Alling Street. Participants will receive a flag for each pole on their property and replace or repair any damaged poles with the understanding that the NDD will be reimbursed for any flags that need to be replaced after one year.


Safe Downtown Newark

The Quality of Life Ambassadors (QOL) are a trained group of professionals who strive to keep Newark’s Downtown District as safe as possible.  The Ambassador’s friendly and welcoming presence can be spotted all throughout downtown Newark on either foot, bicycle, or Segway patrol.  They make sure to always offer guidance to anybody in the community that may have questions or concerns.

The main focus of the QOL Ambassador is to alert the Community Resource Center via the Mutual Link system of any suspicious activities they encounter that could be detrimental, including both emergency and non-emergency situations.  The data then gets entered into the Geographic Information System (G.I.S.). Once the complaints are logged into the system, an e-mail gets sent out to the proper parties so that every issue can be resolved promptly.  The QOL Ambassadors look for various maintenance and Quality of Life-related issues including panhandling, unlicensed vendors, disorderly conduct, and illegal dumping.

With the help of the Newark Police Department, the NDD Quality of Life Ambassadors continue the on-going process of revamping Downtown Newark to make it a more welcoming place for the community to visit, while putting a large emphasis on both public safety and outreach.

Security Task Force

The vision of the Newark Downtown District (NDD) Security Task Force (STF) is a safe and secure community, where all citizens feel free to take full advantage of the city’s life and resources day and night. Serving as the clearinghouse for security-related information of Newark’s merchants, property managers and corporations, the goal is to gather and share information/issues, as well as recommend solutions to the decision makers.

Every month the NDD Security Task Force meets, to discuss and review the action steps determined at the previous month’s meeting. Subcommittees meet before the monthly meetings, to discuss issues specific to their subcommittee. Members compile information and updates to create a report summarizing the issues, action plans, and status updates associated with each issue discussed. The subcommittee Chair reports at the following STF meeting, with the intent of gaining additional support for assistance to the proposed action plans.

In the past, the Newark Police Department has shared their expertise and advice with the Security Task Force, on issues of public safety, homeland security, emergency preparedness, and public health. A single point of contact from the Newark Police Department was also established regarding information for the website, attendance at STF meetings, assisted in initiating a telephone chain if necessary, and to provide direction in the event of an emergency. The NDD STF strives to coordinate its efforts with local, state, and federal agencies to protect our city, such as: the Newark Police Department, Newark Fire Department, Red Cross, Postal Service, and FBI.

Other focuses of the Security Task Force are to support the NPD Anti-Gang Task Force, pay attention to the “broken windows” theory of crime prevention by not ignoring small problems such as graffiti, litter or broken glass, and planning to create and train an Emergency Response Team among the business community in Newark to address the threat of an emergency or disaster that can overwhelm the City of Newark’s immediate response capability. These goals are merely support systems and are not intended to replace the City’s response capability, but rather serve as an important supplement.

Want to become a member of the NDD Security Task Force? Contact for more information.

As cities strive to become more livable, pedestrian malls have transformed streets into walkable, pedestrian-friendly urban spaces. By blocking off vehicular traffic, these open spaces allow the public better access to retail.

Pedestrian Mall

After surveying several streets within downtown Newark, the Newark Downtown District (NDD) identified Halsey Street, between Academy Street and Bank Street as the location most conducive to a successful pedestrian mall. This program is part of NDD’s Sidewalk Access for Everyone (SAFE) initiative.


  • Added public space with available seating
  • Increased access to street level retail
  • Increased foot traffic leading to more business for storefronts
  • Increased walkability


  • Partial street closure every Tuesday in June extending into October from 11am-3pm
  • Organized and maintained by the NDD in conjunction with the City of Newark

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